Can I install a VersaHaul carrier on the front of my vehicle via a front end hitch?

Do not put any VersaHaul carrier on the front end of any vehicle. All VersaHaul carriers extend beyond the maximum allowed distance for carrying such weight on a front end hitch. Failure to observe this precaution may result in catastrophic damage to your automobile and/or VersaHaul carrier.

Do you have a single bike system, with a ramp, that will also allow a trailer to be attached?

The 2002 VersaHaul single motorcycle carriers are now being manufactured to tow a small vehicle or light trailer. The main tube was not designed to carry tongue weight. It is only suitable for towing trailers and small vehicles where there is no tongue weight exerted on the hitch. The towing capacity of the main tube is 1/3 of the towing capacity of your hitch. Do not tow over 3000 lbs with the product. Click here to find the Towing Capacity of your vehicle.

How do I determine if my motorcycle/scooter fits on the VH-55 or requires a VH-SPORT?

Use this Calculator to enter your tire specifications and find out what carrier you require.

My bike's tires are 7 inches wide. Everything I have read indicates your track is only 5.5 inches wide. Will my bike fit on any of your carriers?

Yes. The entire width of the VH-55 Single Motorcycle carrier's track is 6.5 inches wide with 45 degree angles on both sides, allowing for even 8 inch wide tires to fit safely.

Also, our VH-SPORT bike carrier allows for even the widest tires to fit securely, and its wide ramp is interchangeable with the VH-55 Single Motorcycle carrier.

I own a 2000 Chevy Tahoe 2-wheel drive. Your website says I can't carry more than about 300 pounds on a VersaHaul on my car. Why? The Tahoe manual says it can carry 500 pounds tongue weight. So why can't the Tahoe carry as much as the other trucks you have listed?

The Tahoe is carrying a weight extended two feet from the hitch. This is a force applied through a distance or torque. Leverage creates a mechanical disadvantage. Thus, a weight of 300 lbs. may exert 500 lbs. on your hitch. If your hitch is strong enough, then the next concern I have is your suspension. A 300 lb. load with a standard suspension Tahoe will tilt the car's frame backwards similar to a trailer. With more weight, the rear suspension may compress completely. Auto ride suspension, air bags, and other suspension stiffing devices will increase your vehicle's capacity to carry a load.

Unfortunately , the standard suspensions on Tahoes and other SUVs are not as stiff as truck's with pick-up beds. It is important to follow the Recommended Carrying Capacity Chart to avoid dangerously overloading your vehicle.

Note: We have tested a 600+ lb. Polaris four wheeler on a VH-90 RO and a 2000 Tahoe. The Tahoe's spring compressed completely, and it was difficult to drive.

I have a wide ATV. The width is 46 inches. How do I know if my ATV will fit on the rails of your VH-90 ATV carrier?

The rails on the VH-90 are adjustable to a width of 49 inches, outside edge to outside edge. The rails can also slide together until they touch. Each rail is 10 inches wide.

My tire is mounted behind my '93 Ford Bronco. How far is the pin hole to the center of the main rail on the VH-55 single motorcycle carrier?

The rails on the VH-55 are adjustable up to a distance of 24 inches, measuring from the center of the main rail to the pin hole on your vehicle's hitch.

Can the VersaHaul carrier for two scooters be attached/used on a 5th wheel travel trailer by installing a class III hitch to its rear-end?

We do not recommend putting any VersaHaul on the back of a 5th wheel or a camper/trailer. We have found that the added weight on the back of a 5th wheel, camper, or trailer tends to back-load the trailer, which may cause it to fishtail.

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